• Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA
  • Minister
  • Deputy Minister

    Armen Ghevondyan

  • Deputy Minister

    Vahe Gevorgyan

  • Deputy Minister
  • Deputy Minister
  • Secretary General

    Boris Sahakyan

  • Ambassadors-at-Large
  • Advisors to the Minister
  • Assistant to the Minister
  • Spokesperson

    Vahan Hunanyan

  • Secretariat
  • Department of American Countries

    Head: Armen Yeganian

  • Human Resources Department

    Head: Narine Matosyan

  • Asia-Pacific Department

    Head: Mnatsakan Safaryan

  • Department of Multilateral Policy and Development Cooperation

    Head: Arman Khachatryan

  • Administrative Affairs Department

    Head: Hayk Hakobyan

  • Department of Eurasian Region

    Head: Davit Virabyan

  • European Department

    Head: Tigran Samvelian

  • Media and Public Diplomacy Department

    Head: Serob Bejanyan

  • Consular Department

    Head: Artak Avetisyan

  • Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues Department

    Head: Karine Sujayan

  • Department of International Security

    Head: Georgi Kocharyan

  • Department of Treaties and International Law

    Head: Vahagn Piliposyan

  • Middle East and Africa Department

    Head: Armen Melkonyan

  • Department of Bordering Countries

    Head: Arsen Avagyan

  • Policy Planning Department

    Head: Ashot Grigoryan

  • Finance and Budget Department

    Head: Armine Galstyan

  • State Protocol Service

    Head: Levon Minasyan

  • First Division

    Head: Eduard Samvelyan

  • Internal Audit Division
  • Division of Mobilization and Civil Protection

    Head: Aram Avetisyan

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