Deputy Minister Artak Apitonyan participated in high-level conference in Minsk

04 September, 2019

On September 3-4, Deputy Foreign Minister Artak Apitonyan participated in a high-level international conference entitled “Countering terrorism through innovative approaches and the use of new and emerging technologies” co-organized by the Republic of Belarus and the United Nations in Minsk. 

The opening remarks were delivered by Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, Vladimir Voronkov, Under-Secretary-General of United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office, Thomas Greminger and Sergey Lebedev, Secretary generals for the OSCE and the CIS. 

In his remarks Deputy Minister Apitonyan referred to the security challenges, emerging concurrently with technological advancement, and challenges of using the latest technologies by terrorists. 

In his remarks, Deputy Minister Apitonyan touched upon the security challenges emerging parallelly with the technological progress as well as the dangers/risks of using the modern technologies by terrorists.

The Deputy Foreign Minister emphasized the primary role of states in controlling the proliferation of recent innovative achievements of dual importance and preventing the possible access for terrorists, which is more risky in countries where the society is mobilized through a state policy of encouraging national, religious discrimination.

Artak Apitonyan presented the latest initiatives aimed at the effective management of borders, strengthening Armenia's national capacity to combat illegal migration, while underscoring the vital need to coordinate/ international efforts in the fight against terrorism. He also noted that Armenia attaches great importance to its participation in multilateral cooperation aimed at combating terrorism within the framework of the UN specialized agencies, the CIS, the CSTO, the OSCE, the CoE.


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