The message of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ararat Mirzoyan on the occasion of the International Francophonie Day

20 March, 2022

This year, International Francophonie Day has a special significance for Armenia, as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Armenia's full membership in the International Organization of La Francophonie.

The cultural and historical ties uniting Armenia and La Francophonie are strong and unbreakable and stem from the spirit of mutual cooperation prevailing among the French-speaking community.

Over these years, our country has enthusiastically implemented its commitment to promote the values of Francophonie in favor of cultural diversity, democracy, human rights and freedoms, and is determined to continue its efforts in this direction.

Armenia had a great honor to host the 18th Summit of the La Francophonie, and we continue to carry out the presidency of the Summit of the La Francophonie undertaken in 2018 with the same enthusiasm. The smooth running of this presidency, ensuring the efficient work of the Organization, as well as spreading the ideas of Francophonie are among the priorities of the Government of Armenia.

This year again, Armenia is actively involved in organizing cultural and educational events to celebrate the richness and diversity of Francophone culture, as well as our shared values.

For this purpose, many events will be organized in Yerevan and in all regions of Armenia with the participation of Francophonie institutions operating in the country, as well as local self-government bodies and communities, which with their dedication and creative energy ensure the success of the two months of Francophonie.

I am convinced that these initiatives will allow us to strengthen the bonds of solidarity and friendship that unite the Francophone world, strengthening our commitment to Francophone culture.

In summary, I wish success to the events organized in Armenia on the International Day of Francophonie.

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