Statement by the Foreign Minister of Armenia following the meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan

18 March, 2024

Dear Mr. Minister,

Dear friend, Murat Nurtleu,

I am very glad to welcome you and your delegation to Armenia.

In general, we often meet on multilateral platforms, but this bilateral visit is a very good opportunity to thoroughly discuss all the issues of our bilateral agenda, address regional and international issues, and form guidelines for further cooperation. September will mark the 25th anniversary of the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between our two countries, and by marking this occasion, we have a good opportunity to sum up 25 years of partnership and open a new page in our relations for the benefit of both our countries.

We are expanding the basis of our interaction; indeed, the high level of our political dialogue is evidence of the necessary prerequisites. Our trade and economic ties are expanding dynamically, although we have to admit that with all this in mind, there are big opportunities. Dear colleagues, today, during our discussions, we came to the conclusion that both parties are ready to develop those relations and use all the unrealized opportunities.

I would like to emphasize that the Republic of Armenia is interested in developing its bilateral relations from the American continent to the Far East to East Asia. Of course, relations with Kazakhstan play a very important role in our understanding of building those partnerships. I am glad to see the same mutual interest from Kazakhstan. I stress that we reached concrete agreements today for the development of our bilateral relations.

Speaking about economic opportunities, indeed, we cannot but touch upon transport connections, transport, and logistic infrastructure, and it is important to stress that for both countries the discovery of new opportunities in this context is key. And I had an opportunity to brief my counterpart on our vision on the prospects of the development of the transport opportunities. You are aware of the “Crossroads of Peace”, we talked about it today: logistical opportunities that are based on respect for the sovereignty and jurisdiction of all countries, based on the principles of equality and reciprocity.

Of course, I also briefed my counterpart on the situation in the South Caucasus, the normalization process of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the peace process. Once again, I had the opportunity to emphasize that the Republic of Armenia is committed to the peace agenda and is making all constructive efforts to sign the treaty on the normalization of relations with Azerbaijan based on mutual recognition of territorial integrity, on the further delimitation of borders. Of course, you know, and it is no secret that the 1991 Alma-Ata Declaration is particularly key in these matters, the declaration by which the former Republics of the Soviet Union recognized the international, interstate borders between the newly independent republics, based on the former administrative borders of the former Soviet Republics. These are the fundamental principles - sovereignty and territorial integrity - on which we envision peace and harmony in the South Caucasus and a much wider region.

Thank you once again for your visit and very constructive, thorough discussions. I optimistically wait and look forward to further cooperation.

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