Remarks of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Ara Aivazian for the journalists after the close meeting with the Committee on Foreign Relations of the National Assembly of Armenia

04 December, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to make a statement, but first of all, I ask you not to distort my words and present it completely.

First, the Foreign Ministry of Armenia is one of the pillars of our sovereignty and statehood. As an apolitical structure, it has an eternal objective - to protect the interests of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people through daily work. Any attempt to discredit this structure, to involve it in domestic political speculations, undermines the statehood of Armenia, especially these days, when after the end of hostilities all the burden and responsibility gradually shifts to the field of foreign policy and diplomacy. We are convinced that all our citizens and compatriots who are concerned about the fate of our country and the people, share this understanding.

Second, we all bow in front of our national army, which is an organic and integral part of our people, heroically fighting against the Azerbaijani-Turkish-international terrorism trio which has unleashed war against Armenia and Artsakh. Our army has thwarted the genocidal aspirations of that alliance to annihilate the Armenians from their historical homeland. We must state that the situation we had today results from the fact that we have faced disproportionate forces. Like our soldiers, sisters and brothers in Artsakh, Armenian diplomacy has been and continues to be at the forefront of defending the homeland. And especially today we consider it our obligation to do everything possible and even impossible to give a meaning to the sacrifice of the noblest sons of our people and to keep their memory alive.

Third, now we have issues that need to be addressed urgently, which I voiced clearly, including in my interview yesterday and during the OSCE Ministerial Council. Armenian diplomacy has a lot of work to do to fully and comprehensively address these urgent issues. Diplomacy loves silence. Thus, with your permission diplomacy will do its job silently and the results of it will be more eloquent than any comment.

In conclusion I would like to say that history has examples when diplomacy has extricated the country from even the most dire situations. Please trust and believe in the Armenian diplomacy.

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