Comment of the Foreign Minister of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan regarding some speculations on the Brussels meeting of August 31st

03 September, 2022

The position of the Armenian side regarding the five provisions proposed by Azerbaijan is unchanged. As we have stated before, we find nothing unacceptable in the proposals forwarded by Azerbaijan on March 10, 2022. Another thing is that these proposals do not address all issues of the Armenia-Azerbaijan comprehensive peace agenda. With our response forwarded to the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries, we completed the agenda, and therefore, on that basis, we are ready for the continuation of peace negotiations.

This was once again confirmed by Prime Minister Pashinyan during the recent discussions held in Brussels.

Not listening or trying not to listen to this position gives the Armenian side a reason to question the sincerity of Azerbaijan's intention in achieving peace. Moreover, the continued arbitrary, false interpretations of the negotiations and the avoidance to implement the agreements make an impression that Azerbaijan intends to undermine the peace process and continue its policy of ethnic cleansing through the use of force.

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