Message of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia on the occasion of the International Youth Day

12 August, 2021

Since 1999, the UN has been celebrating the International Youth Day on August 12.

The future of any state depends on the aspirations and success of the youth. This reality has led to the strengthening of the role of young people in the modern world, as evidenced by the fact that most of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN adopted in 2015 and 169 targets are directly related to young people.

The sustainable development of Armenia and the future of the country in the long run are conditioned by how today's young people turn their energy, knowledge, skills and values ​​into action.

We are confident that the ongoing process of democratic reforms in the Republic of Armenia will provide the necessary conditions for the identification, self-expression and multifaceted development of the youth potential, giving an opportunity to further encourage the participation of the youth in public life and the state-building process.

We congratulate our youth on this day and assure them that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia is always willing to support the young in the cherished job of creating a bright future for our country.

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