Answers by the MFA Spokesperson to questions regarding the statements of the Presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey made at the Session of the Turkic Council

16 October, 2019

Question: Aliyev stated that the transfer of Zangezur to Armenia led to a geographical split in the Turkic world. For his part, the President of Turkey has stated that they will make every effort to ensure the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. How would you comment on these statements?

Answer: At the 7th Summit of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (Turkic Council) the President of Azerbaijan once again voiced his claims towards Armenia and its territories, on this оccassion garnishing them with Pan-Turkic elements.

Azerbaijan`s and Turkey’s distorted perceptions and approaches of regional security, based on racism and discrimination, hinder the peaceful settlement of conflicts contributing to instability in the region and beyond.

All of these underscores our priority to ensure the security of the Armenian people in the region.

Question: In his remarks, the President of Turkey also noted that Turkey, throughout its history, has never committed any massacre of civilians and will never do so.

Answer. Amid the April 24 statement of the President of Turkey, in which he made an attempt to justify the genocide committed against the Armenian people in their historic homeland, no statement by the President of Turkey on this subject is worthy of comment.



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