Comment by the Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan on the situation unfolded in Karaganda

07 January, 2019

All those who have been following the developments since the beginning, are well aware that on January 3 the Embassy of Armenia in Kazakhstan issued a relevant statement. We understand that the statement was made during the holidays in Armenia, and probably not everyone might have seen it. Naturally, the statement expresses only the public side of the work done.

The statement issued by the Embassy expresses hope that when referring to this situation only the official sources will be used and any unconfirmed information will not be spread in social networks, which could serve as a source of manipulating the public opinion in an attempt to give an interethnic connotation to the tragedy, which actually is a criminal case.

This appeal continues to be relevant. Nevertheless, several statements have been voiced in Armenia which didn’t take into account the official position expressed in the Embassy’s statement, or the sensitivity of the issue for our compatriots living in Karaganda.

From the very first day, the Foreign Ministry of Armenia and the Embassy of Armenia in Kazakhstan have been in constant contact with the relevant authorities and bodies of Kazakhstan on the level of decision makers. The direct contacts between the  government agencies of Armenia and Kazakhstan are continuing.

Both sides share the position, that it was a criminal case and any attempt to give an interethnic connotation to this tragedy should be strictly excluded. The Kazakh side gave all the assurances that the appropriate measures will be taken to take control over the situation and to prevent such outbursts from happening. Those measures are currently being taken. The Embassy is in a 24-hour contact with the leaders of community institutions.

Taking into account the concerns over the unfolded situation we would like to urge to exercise more responsibility in public statements regarding this very sensitive issue and to avoid the temptation of populism and provocations. This is a very sensitive issue and all the attempts to give an interethnic connotation to it are condemnable and intolerable.


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