Global Forum «Against the Crime of Genocide» Yerevan Declaration

23 April, 2015

The Global Forum

Paying tribute to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide, the genocides of Greeks and Assyrians, the Holocaust, the genocides in Rwanda, Cambodia, Darfur and other crimes against humanity,

Recalling the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide,

Being concerned about the recurring cases of genocides and crimes against humanity, despite the existing appropriate international prevention mechanisms,

Being also concerned about recent alarming outspread of violence, extremism and terrorism in different regions of the world directly threatening the ethnic and religious minorities,

Bearing in mind the emergence and the evolution of the international criminalization of genocide in the international law,

Having discussed the issues of impunity, individual and state accountability for the crime of genocide, the appropriate means of addressing the consequences of this crime,

Noting the importance of the global struggle against genocides and crimes against humanity,

Emphasizing the role that various governments, parliaments, international organizations and civil society have in the prevention of genocide and their contribution to fostering prevention mechanisms,

Acknowledges that genocide is the ultimate crime with irreversible consequences, and calls upon all states to bring their utmost contribution to the strengthening of genocide prevention mechanisms,

Reaffirms that the primary genocide prevention mechanisms remain the ones existing in the framework of the United Nations and welcomes the adoption of UN Human Rights Council resolution on March 27, 2015 entitled “Prevention of Genocide”,

Stresses that genocide prevention depends on the efficiency of human rights protection, the strength of the culture of tolerance and non-discrimination,

Recognizes that denial, in particular on a state level, is unacceptable and underlines that timely condemnation of genocides and efficiently addressing their consequences may serve as important tools for prevention and reconciliation,

Calls upon the international community on the eve of the Centennial commemorations of the Armenian Genocide to support the continuous efforts aimed at its worldwide recognition. 

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