Changes in the process of self-isolation and receiving Covid-19 test upon arrival to the Republic of Armenia

05 November, 2020

On October 31, 2020, the Government of the Republic of Armenia adopted Decision N 1756-N, making relevant changes in the process of self-isolation and receiving Covid-19 test upon arrival to the Republic of Armenia.

According to the abovementioned decision: 

✅If travelers permitted to enter Armenia provide a negative PCR test upon arrival taken within the previous 72 hours, he or she is exempted from self-isolation. 

✅If travelers don’t have documents confirming Covid-19 negative test, he or she must submit a PCR test upon arrival at PCR sampling points located in the Zvartnots Airport arrivals hall or at the land border checkpoints and must be self-isolated until a negative PCR test is obtained.

According to the new decision of the Government, upon entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia, a certificate confirming the negative result of the PCR test of COVID-19 taken within the previous 72 hours should be submitted. The certificate must be submitted in one of the following languages: Armenian, Russian, English. The certificate should be on the official letterhead of the medical facility conducting the test, contain all the contact information, be signed and sealed. The certificate should also include the following information: the name of the head of the medical facility, the name of the person examined, his/her ID number, the date of birth, test result.

Relevant examination is conducted by the Health and Labor Inspectorate immediately upon the arrival (including checking the temperature with remote thermometers, external examination, additional inquiries in case of clinical symptoms typical to the infection). The certificate should be presented to the personnel working in that location. 

In case if corresponding symptoms are detected as a result of examination the person will be hospitalized. 

All non-holders of the relevant certificate, even with no symptoms for hospitalization, are subjected to PCR sampling at the airport or border checkpoint sampling points and to compulsory isolation until he/she obtains a negative PCR test result.  

Sampling points carry out sampling, then submit personal data and registration of self-isolation in the AR-MED system on the basis of ID: authenticity of the contact phone number is checked on the ground by calling to the mentioned phone number. After sampling, the sampling point must provide a relevant document indicating the sampling and registration for self-isolation.

The PCR test-related expenses are covered the traveller. 

The results of the PCR test are registered in the ARMED system and are provided to the examined person within 48 hours. In case of a negative result of the PCR test, the person may be exempted from self-quarantine.

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