On the restrictions by authorities of China due to the novel Coronavirus

16 March, 2020

The Embassy of Armenia to China informs that given the high risk of virus penetration from abroad, the authorities of Beijing apply several restrictions. 

Thus, on March 15, the Deputy Secretary General of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee Chen Jining announced that all the foreigners arriving to Beijing from March 16, at 12am (all flights arrive only to Beijing International Airport), after the relevant preliminary examination will be moved to specially designed gathering spot (the expo centre) for a 14-days quarantine. This will be carried out by the government-approved hotels, at the expense of the passengers.

The passengers arriving to Beijing on transit and departing on the same day, will wait in the special location at the airport, then accompanied to the terminal of the next flight. In case of the next day departure the passengers will be accommodated in the hotel designed by the government, at their expense, then accompanied to the terminal of the next flight.

The authorities of Beijing warn everyone that providing false information on health, as well as false information on trips before arriving to Beijing is subject to responsibility, including criminal responsibility.

The passengers arriving to Beijing on transit and then traveling to other provinces must comply with the quarantine order of the relevant province or city.

There are no changes in restrictions applied in Shanghai and Guangzhou. After the appropriate medical examination, all arriving passengers should be subjected to a 14-day self-isolation according to places of residence (if no other decision is adopted by the condominiums). All medical expenses are carried out by the citizens, for which the medical insurance of China can also be used.

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