Information for the citizens of Armenia visiting People’s Republic of China

13 March, 2020

The Embassy of Armenia to China informs that passengers arriving in Beijing since March 11 are classified by the county of arrival - passengers from countries with high risk zones (Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea) and passengers from countries with low risk zones (the list is subjected to changes). Passengers arriving from high-risk zones are transported to the expo centre, 1km away from Beijing International Airport, where necessary examination-possible testing and quarantine are being carried out.

After the necessary examinations the passengers arriving from low-risk zones are accompanied to their residence addresses, with the obligation to stay at 14-quarantine, and in case of absence of the addresses, to state-designated hotels that are subjected to a 14-day quarantine.

In Guangzhou and Shanghai cities only the citizens arriving from the countries most affected by the coronavirus - Iran, Italy, Korea, Japan - are subjected to mandatory quarantine.

After the standard examination in the centre, transit passengers are accompanied to the relevant airport, station or bus station, where they can continue their journey.

The decision on quarantine in the Chinese provinces are carried by the local authorities.

The embassy monitors the developments and will provide additional information.

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