Speech of the Foreign Minister of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan at the ceremony of handing the certificates to the graduates of the Diplomatic school

28 July, 2022

Dear President of the United Nations General Assembly,

Dear Ambassador Gabrielyan,

Dear graduates,

Mr. Shahid,  before the main part of my speech, I would like to once again welcome your visit to the Republic of Armenia. During the 3 quite heavy days, you had important meetings with my colleagues from the executive and legislative bodies, as well as with representatives of the civil society. And I am very glad that you also accepted my invitation to participate in the ceremony of handing certificates to graduates of the "International Relations and Diplomacy" course of the School of Diplomacy. 

Referring to the main actors of the day- dear graduates,

I warmly congratulate all of you on the occasion of successfully completing the "International Relations and Diplomacy" course of the School of Diplomacy. Indeed, you have achieved another important height in your life. And  whether some of you will soon join the ranks of the diplomats of the Republic of Armenia or will continue their journey in a different direction, contributing to the promotion of various spheres of public life, today everyone has succeeded.

Why? Because the knowledge, experience and community of the like-minded that you have acquired during a year of the School will serve you and will be with you for the rest of your lives. As much as the current world is changing and full of surprises, one thing remains unchanged: a person armed with leading knowledge, skills and abilities is behind the success of any initiative and work. And at the Diplomatic School of Armenia, you have had the opportunity to keep in pace with the achievements of the world's scientific thought and professional skills. From international relations theory to real negotiations, from foreign policy analysis to the ability to navigate difficult  situations -  all of these are solid foundations for succeeding in any field.

Dear attendees, 

During the 13 years of its activity, the Diplomatic School of Armenia had about two hundred graduates, most of whom became diplomats and managed to become the basis of our foreign political service today. Here I would like to express my special gratitude to Mr. Gabrielyan, director of the Diplomatic School, for his contribution to the generational change of diplomats and for promoting the development of human and professional potential in the diplomatic system.

I would like to emphasize that perhaps there is no better time to become a diplomat. The ongoing revolutionary changes in the world, the situation in our region, of course, create great challenges, but at the same time, they also create great opportunities for a diplomat with a flexible mind, innovative approach and an indomitable will to express, bring real changes in his field and create additional value for his people.

Under these conditions, the diplomatic service of the Republic of Armenia has become much more important, much more responsible and requires much greater self-sacrifice. And despite the great demands and small resources, I am sure that we will accept the challenge and carry out our mission, for the benefit of the Armenian people and the advancement of all humanity.

Dear Graduates,

Once again I congratulate you and wish you good luck in your future professional career. I hope to meet many of you here soon in daily work. 

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