Remarks by Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan at UN Day Reception

26 October, 2018

Dear Shombi,

Dear Madame Hakobyan,


Loyal friends of the UN team,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I congratulate all of us on the occasion of the UN day.

The UN is probably one of the most important structures since the World War II. It gave the opportunity to 53 states, if I am not mistaken, to create the most reliable international platform, to work together and collaborate on any agenda concerning the human life.

Today, it includes 193 member countries representing the entire population of our planet and work on an extensive agenda, starting from global security to disarmament, peacekeeping, human rights, democracy, climate change, migration, development. I can go on endlessly.

It is particularly an important platform for small states to express the sovereign equality. Multilateral diplomacy is undergoing a very difficult period nowadays, because the challenges are new, numerous and they emphasize even more the importance of cooperation.

The UN is everyone’s.

Dear friends,

When you are in the United Nations, you just realize how beautiful this world is because you see this diversity and you see this aspiration for working together towards issues that none of the nations can address alone: climate change, anti terrorism, migration, none of the nations can do it alone. And this is where effort is taken to work on the global political framework to work on specific problems to address specific issues, to be on the ground to contribute peacekeeping. 

This is what we have been doing together. I want to specifically pay tribute to the wonderful team of the United Nations, dedicated people, who have been risking their lives for so long in so many places, who have been courageous to deliver security, to save lives address the issues of refugees, contribute to global agenda. You’ve done so much for Armenia, with that dedicated team to help us. This is the essence of our membership to the United Nations. We make use of international cooperation to address our domestic agenda, to help us to contribute to a engagement in international cooperation.

I want to thank all your team!

And want also to thank all of you for making your contributions in developing what we have today as Armenia: we are so comfortable about who we are.

The Secretary General made this point. He showed the impression of the world about we have been capable to do here, in Armenia: it is a great country who’s confident enough to look after itself in a good way.

And this wonderful country with confident people, who know how to look after the human rights, who know how to look after the future of the nation, youth, women, important participants of our domestic agenda. So I am really very honored and happy to and overwhelmed with that sense of obligation that we must carry on, succeed, we must take this country to where it belongs to bright future.

Thank you!

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