Meeting of the Foreign Minister of Armenia in the Argentine Council of International Relations

26 March, 2024

On March 26, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia  Ararat Mirzoyan visited the Argentine Council of International Relations in Buenos Aires.

Minister Mirzoyan met with the chairman of the council Francisco de Santibanes and the executive committee, after which Ararat Mirzoyan made a note in the guestbook of honor.

A thorough discussion was held with the council members and guests with the participation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. In his introductory speech, Ararat Mirzoyan touched upon the dynamics of Armenia-Argentina interstate relations, the agenda of the political dialogue, and the main directions which have significant potential for cooperation and were discussed during the Minister's meetings and previous high-level contacts with Argentine counterparts.

Minister Mirzoyan noted that during the meetings he had expressed his gratitude for the important role attributed to the Armenian community which was formed in Argentina after the Armenian Genocide at the beginning of the last century. The Armenian presence today brings its contribution to Argentina's social and political life.

In the discussion and question-and-answer format, Minister Mirzoyan also touched upon broader issues on Armenia's foreign policy and the security situation in the South Caucasus.

Minister Mirzoyan spoke about Armenia's foreign policy priorities, emphasizing that they are based on the goals of continuous strengthening of Armenia's statehood and sovereignty and ensuring a proper environment for the stable development of the country. Peculiarities and perspectives of normalization of relations with neighboring countries, as well as interaction with other countries and structures with a wide geography, were presented.

Touching upon the situation in the South Caucasus since 2020, Ararat Mirzoyan presented the latest developments in the normalization process of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Ararat Mirzoyan emphasized the importance of the commitment to unequivocal recognition of territorial integrity and the need to carry out the further process of border delimitation based on the 1991 Alma-Ata Declaration.

In the context of unblocking regional economic and transport communications, Minister Mirzoyan also touched upon the "Crossroads of Peace" project developed by the Government of Armenia and the economic opportunities it can provide.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs answered other questions of the attendees.

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