Ararat Mirzoyan and Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne signed “The Roadmap of the Armenian-French Economic Cooperation”

09 December, 2021

On December 9, the first joint session of the working group on Armenian-French economic cooperation was held in Paris. The Armenian delegation was headed by the Foreign Minister of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan, and the French delegation was headed by the Secretary of State of France Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. The Armenian delegation also included the Deputy Ministers of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure, Economy, Finance, High-Tech Industry, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan and other officials.

In his remarks, Minister Mirzoyan expressed his gratitude to the State Secretary Lemoyne for the warm welcome and organization of productive discussions, underlining that the holding of the joint session is resulting from almost a year of bilateral follow-up work, efforts undertaken at the highest level of the two countries, as well as from the agreements reached.

Ararat Mirzoyan stressed that a targeted work should be carried out for the implementation of the agreements reached at the highest level of the two countries aimed at considerable promotion of economic ties, in line with the level of Armenian-French privileged relations.

During the discussions, both sides discussed the diversification of the Armenian-French trade and economic relations, the need to enrich the cooperation with new economic programs, and the activation of mutual investments. The interlocutors also highlighted the need for the promotion of contacts between the business circles of France and Armenia, in particular, through mutual visits of delegations, as well as organization of economic events.

Within the framework of the session, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Mirzoyan and the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of France Lemoyne signed the "The 2021-2026 Roadmap of the Armenian-French Economic Cooperation." The main objective of the document is to create a strategy and framework of cooperation for bilateral economic programs between Armenia and France for the next five years, which will include infrastructure, urban development, energy, agriculture, tourism, high-tech innovation, healthcare and other prospective areas.

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