Phone conversation of the Foreign Minister Ara Aivazian with the Foreign Minister of Artsakh Masis Mayilian

19 November, 2020

On November 19, Foreign Minister Ara Aivazian held a phone conversation with Foreign Minister of Artsakh Masis Mayilyan.

Minister Mayilian congratulated his counterpart on the occasion of assuming the post of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia and wished him every success, noting that he undertook this responsible mission during a very important and responsible period for Armenia and Artsakh.

Expressing gratitude for congratulations and best wishes, Ara Ayvazyan emphasized the importance of close cooperation between Armenia and Artsakh at different levels, including between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs.

The interlocutors discussed the situation resulting from the Turkish-Azerbaijani military aggression against Artsakh, as well as the efforts aimed at addressing the humanitarian crisis on the ground.

The Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Artsakh emphasized the importance of rigorously protecting vital interests of the Armenian people in Artsakh, including through the implementation of the right to life in freedom and security in their historical homeland.

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