On the restrictions in the framework of prevention of COVID-19 pandemic spread

13 August, 2020

On August 12, within the framework of the fight against the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the special session of the Government of the Republic of Armenia adopted a decision to amend the decision on declaring a State of Emergency. According to the adopted decision, the State of Emergency in the territory of the Republic of Armenia was extended for 30 days (until September 11, 17:00). At the same time, the above mentioned amendments have eased a number of restrictions. In particular:

✅The ban on the entry by air for the foreign citizens has been lifted

✅ The ban on the entry of foreigners through the land border continues to apply, except following cases:

1) family members of citizens of the Republic of Armenia entering through the checkpoint, as well as non-citizens of the Republic of Armenia, who hold a legal residency status of the Republic of Armenia 

2) Representatives of diplomatic missions, consular posts, international organizations, their family members;

3) special cases: the entry of persons is permitted by the decision of the Commandant, taking into account the pandemic situation in those countries (territories), 

✅ The possibility of obtaining an entry visa for foreign citizens at the border checkpoints of the Republic of Armenia has been lifted. Foreign citizens who previously had an opportunity to obtain visa to the Republic of Armenia at the RA border checkpoints can now obtain it only through the diplomatic representations of the Republic of Armenia abroad (embassy, ​​consulate, consular office) or by e-visa electronic system.

✅ Amendments have been made to the procedure of self-isolation for the persons arriving from abroad. Henceforth, after entering the territory of the Republic of Armenia through the checkpoint, the persons are immediately subjected to a special examination to detect the presence of COVID-19 or symptoms of the virus. After a relevant examination, all persons, if hospitalization and (or) other restrictive measures due to the presence of symptoms are not applicable, are subject to self-isolation for a period of 14 days, and in case of having negative PCR test result during the self-isolation period they may suspend their self-isolation. Samples for the test can be taken at the place of isolation by the visiting of medical staff.

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