Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan visited Sevan Startup Summit 2019

29 July, 2019

On July 29, Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan visited the Sevan Startup Summit 2019 consecutively held for the fourth year, which was launched on July 28 and brought together more than 1,000 entrepreneurs from all over the world.

During the Big Camp Fire Talk, Minister Mnatsakanyan welcomed the participants of the Summit and noted that the youth gathered in Sevan reflect the spirit of individual freedom, capacities, confidence and daring.

Speaking about the full realization of the youth potential, Minister Mnatsakanyan underscored: “We are living in a time when youth is the most daring. The idea that you dare to have, the idea that you know will be the best if it also serves well to generation. The society and the state will follow. I’m really very excited about this moment, because I’m getting from you that sense of daring."

Touching upon the steps towards developing the priority areas for the Government - information technologies, innovation and startups, Minister Mnatsakanyan emphasized that the main function of the Government is to provide a relevant environment and platform. "I represent the government and one thing I know: the best that can help, is not to be an obstacle.

Therefore, we should provide an environment in which that individual initiative can get the best of its manifestation, provide the right laws, the right legislation that gives your individual initiative the right manifestation, provide an environment in which your individual work is best done.”

“We are a nation with a strong sense of identity, strong sense of history. We know who we are, we are no better, no worse than any other nation in the world. We are a part of the family of wonderful nations of the world. And we are a very proud and very confident nation, who know their history and who know what they want for the future. And this young generation, that is gathering here, they have already manifested what they want for the future, and they manifested this in their way- in a strong message to the state that they want freedom, the rule of law, democracy, they want to create and to be protected by the law. And that is huge obliging for our government. And it is the mandate on which this government is based,” the Foreign Minister concluded.

Afterwards, Minister Mnatsakanyan answered the questions of the participants of Sevan Startup Summit 2019.

Before the Big Camp Fire Talk, the Foreign Minister took a tour in the camp, was introduced to the details and goals of the program.


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