Answer of the Spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia to the question of the media regarding the statement of the President of Azerbaijan

20 April, 2021

Question: In an interview to one of the Azerbaijani TV channels, the President of Azerbaijan resorted to the threats of use of force against Armenia. How would you comment on that?

Answer: We strongly condemn the aspirations of the President of Azerbaijan against the territorial integrity of Armenia and the threats to use force. Such statements seriously undermine the regional peace and stability. They reveal the false nature of Azerbaijan's recent statements on peace and reconciliation. 

It is noteworthy that such threats are made on the eve of the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide; they are intended to speak to the Armenian people from a position of force.

We are in constant touch with our strategic ally, as well as with all our partners interested in peace in the South Caucasus.

Armenia will undertake all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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