Answer by Anna Naghdalyan, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, to the question of news agency

22 January, 2021

Question: Recently, Foreign Minister of Turkey Çavuşoğlu stated that if the peace is lasting, Turkey and Azerbaijan are ready to undertake steps aimed at normalizing relations with Armenia. Can you comment whether the Armenian side is ready to “normalize the relations”. What does this statement mean? Has any initiative been undertaken in this regard, particularly by the Turkish side?

Answer: I would not like to comment on the statements of Turkish-Azerbaijani leadership, which are not consolidated by any action. Moreover, they contradict each other. The Turkish-Azerbaijani military exercises carried out near the Armenian border in violation of relevant OSCE commitments do not prove that the Turkish-Azerbaijani leadership has peaceful intentions towards Armenia. The cessation of hostile actions against Armenia may create conditions for building trust in the region.

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