Answer of the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson to the question of the news agencies

15 January, 2021


Question: The representative of the Foreign Ministry of Russia stated that the Russian side has always supported the implementation of the humanitarian contacts between the Armenian and Azerbaijani societies. Are there any prerequisites for such programs?

Answer: We highly commend Russia's efforts aimed at establishing peace and stability in the region. The Armenian side has always supported the humanitarian contacts between the societies of the region, which should be based on mutual respect and tolerance and be aimed at creating mutual trust. Certainly, relevant prerequisites should be established for such programs.

The statements of the leadership of Azerbaijan in recent days demonstrate that Azerbaijan is not yet ready for that. Furthermore, creating obstacles for the repatriation of the Armenian prisoners of war, issuing a stamp glorifying the ethnic cleansing of Armenians, as well as the consistent threats being voiced by President Aliyev attest to the fact that Azerbaijan is challenging the trust-building efforts of international mediators. 

The provocative statements made by the President of Azerbaijan in Shushi, as well as the attempts to present the Holy Savior Ghazanchetsots Church, which had been targeted during the war, as a “war prize and symbol of victory” are particularly deplorable. 

These realities prove that the conflict is still far from being resolved, and the peace process is necessary to establish lasting peace in the region. 


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