The statement of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia on the recent provocation of violence against Armenians abroad

24 July, 2020

Recently, we have witnessed the cases and attempts of violence against Armenian citizens and members of Armenian communities in different countries of the world. There have been cases of obstruction of the normal work of the Armenian diplomatic service abroad and the Armenian communities, as well as a deliberate destruction of their personal and working property, which in some cases have threatened the security of the diplomatic staff as well. Discriminatory steps are being taken to disrupt Armenia's trade and economic relations with different countries.

The expanding geography of these actions and the facts of the involvement of Azerbaijani officials in the actions against the diplomatic missions of Armenia prove that the above-mentioned actions are coordinated by the Azerbaijani official structures.

We strongly condemn the instigation of ethnic clashes in different countries, which is another manifestation of Baku's irresponsibility and is fully in line with the policy and rhetoric of the Azerbaijani leadership provoking hostility between the two peoples without geographical restrictions.

We call on our compatriots to be vigilant, not to give in to any provocation, and in case of such situations to immediately contact the local law enforcement bodies, Armenian community structures, diplomatic representatives of Armenia.

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