Statement by the Foreign Ministry on the occasion of the 102nd anniversary of Heroic May Battles and the First Republic of Armenia

28 May, 2020

On May 28, Armenia and Armenians all over the world celebrate the 102nd anniversary of the Heroic May Battles and the First Republic of Armenia.

This special day of our millenia old history symbolizes two important messages: having been subjected to genocide in the greater part of their historical homeland, the Armenians and their fight for survival prevailed in Sardarapat, Bash-Aparan and Karakilisa battles, and by the May Victories the Armenian people have once and for all affirmed their right to exist.

Second, after more than five centuries, the Armenian statehood was restored, and the Republic of Armenia became a member of the international community. The First Republic was established during the days of the Great War and played an important role in the end of the First World War in our region, both on military and diplomatic fronts.

The Republic of Armenia actively participated in and eventually became a party to the international peace treaties which shaped the outcome of the WWI.

The First Republic of Armenia defended the right of the Armenian people to exist and self-determination in Artsakh as well, and the issue of the status of Artsakh was formulated as an international issue.

Despite its short period of existence, the First Republic laid foundations for political institutions  in charge of domestic and foreign affairs, as well as established the objectives for the continued development of the Armenian statehood.

By uniting the struggle of national liberation and statebuilding, this day up to now symbolizes the realization of two priority objectives of our statehood and all Armenians: sovereignty and security.

Congratulations to all of us on the occasion of the Heroic May Battles and the Republic Day.

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