Remark by the MFA Spokesperson on the Commentary of Foreign Minister of Russian Federation made at the Valdai Discussion Club

03 October, 2019

Question: How would you comment on the statement of the Russian Foreign Minister that some statements on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, in particular, "Artsakh is Armenia and period", "do not contribute to creating an environment conducive to the resumption of the political process".

Answer: Armenia has always been supporting the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship format, whose unbiased and impartial mediation is a prerequisite of peaceful settlement and sustaining the cohesion of the Co-Chair countries on this very issue. In this respect, it is essential that each of the mediators refrains from selective and one-sided assessments.

With regards to the comment you have referred to, we reiterate the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia of August 6, 2019. The position of the Armenian side has been clearly expressed in all the speeches of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, including the one delivered from the UN GA podium on September 24, which reaffirmed Armenia's formula for achieving peace and compromise. In this regard, it is inadmissible that Azerbaijan has not been able to publicly endorse a solution for the peaceful settlement which will be acceptable for the peoples of Armenia, Artsakh and Azerbaijan.

The claims of Azerbaijan, which unilaterally prejudge the outcome of negotiations, such as the conflict should be settled "exclusively within the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan" does not contribute towards creating an environment conducive to the advancement of the peace process.

Question: Foreign Minister also mentioned about the exchange of bodies, as well as the exchange of a small number of detainees. Can you clarify on this?

Answer: No bodies have been exchanged, but the Artsakh side, as a humanitarian gesture, allowed the relocation of Azerbaijani serviceman’s body.

Let me clearly state that Armenia does not consider exchange of persons detained in the territory of the sides, but stands for addressing each individual case within the framework of international humanitarian law.


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