Address of the Foreign Ministry on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Republic of Armenia

21 September, 2019

Dear compatriots, We congratulate all of us on Independence Day. 

On this day 28 years ago, the Armenian people, standing up for the national democratic movement, declared its independent statehood.

Aspiration for an independent statehood has for centuries been an overriding goal for different generations Armenians. Our forefathers, through their centuries-long struggle, have always kept the noble ideas of freedom and independence in our collective self-consciousness. Based on the best combination of national and universal values, showing unyielding will and acting as a truly united force, the Armenian people won their national liberation struggle and proclaimed to the world the restoration of Armenia's independent statehood.

Today, Armenia is an important member of the international community, pursuing a balanced policy of strengthening regional stability and actively engaging in international efforts to make the world safer and more prosperous. Armenia relies on the principles of sovereignty, pan-Armenianism and partnership. We recognize that every day and hour we must do our utmost to create a foreign policy environment conducive to the security and development of Armenia and Artsakh.

Last year we had another important historic victory, this time in our struggle for democracy and the rule of law. In this struggle, the Armenian people also relied on the ideas of unity and freedom. Now, we must make the most of the good international reputation of Armenia and opportunities, provided by our unprecedented internal unity.

Congratulating each other on this important holiday, we must first of all pay tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the independence, we should value the idea of independence, unity and patriotism, realize that independent statehood is a legacy to continuously strengthen and develop. The prerequisites for it are each of us, every Armenian, who always keeps the idea of a strong and independent homeland alive, no matter where he or she lives.


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