Answer by the MFA Spokesperson Anna Naghdalyan to the question of “” news agency

03 September, 2019

Question. The media reported today that "the US government has demanded from the Armenian authorities to withdraw the military contingent from Syria." It is also reported that a corresponding discussion has taken place between the Ministries of Armenias on this issue. How would you comment on this information?

Anna Naghdalyan․ We have repeatedly denied this information. Now we witness the attempts to re-circulate the information by adding new fictitious details, which are also untrue, thereby creating fake news of multiple layers which has already been denied by the government body. Narrow personal interest-driven speculations of the issues related to the security of the Armenian community of Syria and the assistance being provided to the latter without any proof are unacceptable for us. 

Off the topic, I would just add that security agencies and the heads of those agencies held constant consultations on various issues, which has been repeatedly stated by the heads of those agencies.


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