Response by the MFA Spokesman to the question of Interfax news agency

15 March, 2019

Question. How would you comment on the statement by the connoisseur of the "What? Where? When?" TV program Russian citizen Rovshan Askerov that he can’t visit Armenia because of his Azerbaijani ethnicity.

Answer: Some claims voiced by the connoisseur of "What? Where? When?" TV program Rovshan Askerov in his the interview are simply surprising, since for more than two years the citizens of Russia have been visiting Armenia with internal passports of the Russian Federation, which significantly facilitates their entry to our country, making Armenia one of the traditionally most popular destinations for the Russian tourists.

Moreover, the geography of those visiting Armenia covers all countries of the world, with no  exception and no ethnicity-based discrimination. It is noteworthy that ethnic Azerbaijanis, as well as citizens of Azerbaijan, enter Armenia without any obstacles, while the citizens of other countries, including Russia, who have Armenian last names, are not allowed to enter Azerbaijan.

Armenia is always open for all the visitors, including for Mr. Askerov.


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