Ceremony of Presentation of the Letters of Credence

The Ceremony of Presentation of the Letters of Credence takes place in the central "Round" Hall of the Presidential Palace. The Ambassador departs for the Presidential Palace from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (residence, hotel) fifteen-twenty minutes before the beginning of the ceremony (transport provided by MFA). He/she is accompanied by his/her spouse, Chief of the State Protocol, Director of the regional department of the Foreign Ministry, as well as the Embassy staff members (2-3 persons). At the main entrance of the Presidential Palace the Ambassador is met by the protocol officer and accompanied to the “Round” Hall. The Ambassador and accompanying persons enter the Hall, take up their places /see the scheme/ and wait for the President.

Disposition is the following:
First row: Ambassador, Chief of State Protocol (on the right), Director of the regional department of the Foreign Ministry (on the left) 
Second row: Spouse of the Ambassador
Third row: Protocol officers and Embassy staff members

The President enters the Hall. He is accompanied by the Minister (Deputy Minister) of Foreign Affairs (on the right), the interpreter (on the left), Chief of External Relations Department of the Administration of the President, Chief of Public Relations Department, Press Secretary of the President and Chief of Protocol Desk. The Ambassador greets the President by slightly nodding him, to which the President replies with a similar gesture. The Chief of State Protocol introduces the Ambassador to the President. Afterwards, the Ambassador makes a short greeting speech (max. 2 minute). Then he/she approaches the President, hand him over the Letters of Credence and the Letters of Recall of his/her predecessor, shakes hands with the President and without turning returns to his/her initial place.

On his turn the President greets the Ambassador, after which they approach the centre of the hall for a photograph. Afterwards, the Chief of State Protocol invites the Ambassador to introduce his/her spouse and the Embassy staff members to the President. A 20-25 minutes courtesy meeting with the President takes place at the “Green” Hall of the Presidential Palace. Senior diplomats of the Embassy may participate at the meeting.

After the meeting the Ambassador and accompanying persons depart for the Embassy (residence, hotel)

Dress code: Dark suit or national dress /if in use/.

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