Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 18.10.2020

18 October, 2020

22:20 Erdogan is arming Azerbaijanis because he wants another genocide, Prime Minister's interview to Corriere della Sera

22:10 Military operations continue, fierce clashes take place particularly in southern direction, representative of the MoD of Armenia

20:25 We want sanctions against Azerbaijan and Turkey․ Bundestag member Steffen Cotre is in Artsakh

19:15 PM Pashinyan: There was neither military infrastructure, nor any military personnel stationed in those sections of Stepanakert that had been shelled. This is being done as part of Azerbaijan’s genocidal policy.

19:00 UN Secretary General expects humanitarian truce to be respected

18:45 Zohrab Mnatsakanyan's telephone conversation with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

17:55 The Artsakh Foreign Ministry strongly condemns the gross violation of the humanitarian ceasefire by Azerbaijan

16:35 Azerbaijani military attacks caused humanitarian disaster. RA Ombudsman

15:15 All shelling of civilians and civilian facilities must be stopped. EU

15:10 Town of Martakert faces power, gas outage; 30% of housing stock damaged from Azeri bombardments

14:35 Humanitarian truce was agreed from this midnight. From 7.20 am Azerbaijan launches a large-scale offensive operation. Ripping up own commitments again puts on show dishonourable corrupt regime practices of Baku, Foreign MinisterMnatsakanyan wrote on Twitter.

14:15 MFA Spokesperson Statement in response to the statement by the EEAS Spokesperson on the so-called “strikes on the city of Ganja”

13:10 The right to education of about 33 thousand people has been violated. Artsakh Ministry alarm

12:10 Statement of the Foreign Ministry of Armenia on Azerbaijan’s rejection of the mediation attempt of the International Committee of the Red Cross

12:05 The Republic of Artsakh appreciates the efforts of the international community and first of all Russia aimed at the restoration of the ceasefire and stopping the war, Artsakh presidential advisor Davit Babayan said at a news conference

11:40 The RA Armed Forces did not fire along the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. DM spokesperson denies

11:25 Azerbaijan tries to take Khoda Afarin Dam under control to have leverage on Iran, Davit Babayan

10:45 Armenia will undertake all necessary measures to impose peace on Azerbaijan. RA MFA

10:30 Azerbaijan doesn’t care of human lives and bodies of its servicemen, Artsakh Ombudsman

09:05 Azerbaijan launches attack in direction of Artsakh-Iran border Khoda Afarin Dam

09:00 In the morning the Azerbaijani armed forces attacked in the southern direction. Defense Army

03:30 Azerbaijan once again violated the ceasefire regime during the period of 00:04-02:45, firing from artillery and gunfire weapons in the northern direction of the contact line, and fired rockets in the period of 02:20-02:45 in the southern direction, MoD Armenia Shushan Stepanyan wrote on her Facebook page.

00:50 Ceasefire must be stable and verifiable. MFA Armenia

00:15 Situation on the front line calms down. Artsakh ready to provide humanitarian corridor to besieged Azeri troops if ceasefire is observed. Poghosyan, stated Artsakh President's spokesperson

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