Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 12.10.2020

12 October, 2020

22:35 Military operations are underway in the direction of Karvachar. MoD representative Hovhannisyan

22:30 Azerbaijan statements that they were ready to fulfill the agreements are completely false. MoD representative Hovhannisyan

22:10 A criminal case has been initiated by RA General Prosecutor's Office on the facts of international terrorism within the framework of the war unleashed by Azerbaijan

22:00 The subversive-intelligence operations have been thwarted, the adversary has been repelled. Hadrut is under full control of Artsakh’s forces, Talish village is not under Azerbaijani control, but the Azerbaijani troops are in the vicinity of the village MoD representative Hovhannisyan said.

21:35 There are at least 31 civilian victims in Artsakh․ Artsakh ombudsman

21:05 EU Foreign Ministers emphasize necessity for stopping military operations

20:50 The only effective way to prevent the imminent humanitarian crisis is the recognition of the right of the people of Nagorno-Karabakh to self-determination. PM meets with Armenia-accredited foreign diplomats

20:30 Journalist injured in Artsakh Yuri Kotenok. I have not seen such demonstrative atrocities even in Chechnya

20:25 Martuni under shelling

19:40 Turkey tries to prevent the implementation of a humanitarian ceasefire by all possible means. Artsakh Foreign Ministry

19:10 Azerbaijan continues attacks, Artsakh adequately retaliates, Artsakh President’s spokesperson

18:30 Azerbaijan targets peaceful population of Artsakh ․ Information Center (Photo)

18:00 The Russian and Turkish defense ministers discussed the situation in Nagorno Karabakh

17:45 France condemns infringement of humanitarian ceasefire in Nagorno Karabakh

17:20 A Smerch missile on the balcony of a residential house

16:45 We have not yet reached the level where it is possible to carry out humanitarian work. RA Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan's opening remarks և answers to journalists' questions at the joint press conference of the Armenian and Russian Foreign Ministers

16:10 The agreement reached in a trilateral format on October 10 is not fully observed yet. Protracting the resumption of NK talks is wrong. We reiterate inalterability of negotiation format, we hope that the agreements reached will be firmly fulfilled by all parties, says FM Lavrov

15:45 Artsakh is ready to carry out humanitarian actions if the ceasefire is observed

14:50 Implementation of Moscow agreements is “extremely important”, Kremlin says on Karabakh

14:45 The declassified recording of Syrian mercenaries fighting against Artsakh has appeared on the Internet

14:30 During the meeting with Lavrov Mnatsakanyan highlights Russia’s role in achieving Azerbaijan's compliance with truce

14:10 UNESCO urges to ensure prevention of damage to cultural heritage in all its forms

11:00 Azerbaijani armed forces launch large invasion attempt at town of Hadrut, Artsakh, states Artsakh President’s spokesperson.

10:20 The operative situation is under the full control of the Defense Army, Defense Army informs.

09:10 Azerbaijan suffers huge losses in manpower, equipment after overnight encroachments against Artsakh, Defense Army of Artsakh states.

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