Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 05.10.2020

05 October, 2020

23:30 OSCE Minsk Group Co-chairs reconfirm joint statement of Foreign Ministers

23:15 Russian, French and U.S. Foreign Ministers strongly condemn escalation of violence

23:10 Putin emphasizes necessity to immediately stop hostilities in conversation with Pashinyan

22:40 What Azerbaijan did is not only a war crime, but also a crime against humanity. Artsakh Ombudsman Beglaryan

22:30 Canada stops supplies of military equipment to Turkey

22:05 Amnesty International condemns the use of cluster bombs against civilians in Stepanakert and Shushi

21:45 Turkey must get out of this conflict under the pressure of the international community. President Sargsyan's interview to Sky News Arabia

21:40 Armenia could not attack Mingechevir. Here is why.

21:20 We must show the world the political insidious nature of the Azerbaijani attacks․ Ombudsman Tatoyan

21:15 The Armed Forces of the Defense Army respond accordingly, but targeting only military facilities. Armenia MOD representative

20:40 Artsakh’s FM sends letter to CoE Secretary-General over Turkish, Azerbaijani aggression

19:40 Armen Sarkissian urges Israeli President to use influence to immediately suspend arms supplies to Azerbaijan

19:35 RA Minister of Foreign Affairs had a phone conversation with the US Deputy State Secretary

19:15 Artsakh Parliament calls on parliaments of all countries to recognize its independence to stop war crimes

19:10 Since the very first day of the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces have been targeting the settlements and civilian infrastructures of the Republic of Armenia and NagornoKarabakh. In both countries there are 21 killed, 82 wounded persons and 2704 infrastructure damages.

18:25 Attacks by Azerbaijani UAVs on civilians are a violation of international law. Human Rights Defender of Armenia

18:15 Stubborn battles are going on, the advance of the enemy troops is being stopped. Hovhannisyan

18:05 Minister of Foreign Affairs Zohrab Mnatsakanyan held a phone conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of France Jean-Yves le Drian

18:00 Victims and wounded in Artsakh were due to the use of prohibited weapons. Artsakh Ombudsman report

17:20 Artsakh withdraws troops from some frontline sections for tactical considerations, spokesman for Artsakh President stated.

17:10 Recently demobilized Armenian men asked to voluntarily join military amid threat of genocide, PM Pashinyan

16:40 48 MEPs call on Azerbaijan to immediately stop aggression against Artsakh.

16:35 Russia continues contacts with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran over NK issue.The foreign ministries of RF, France and US will issue a joint statement, stated FM Lavrov.

16:10 RA Minister of Defense received the US Ambassador to Armenia

16:05 Putin has “no concrete plans” yet for talks with Erdogan and Aliyev over Karabakh, says Kremlin

15:50 It is extremely important that we convey a very clear message to all parties that they should cease fighting immediately, that we should support all efforts to find a peaceful, negotiated solution. There is no military solution, Stoltenberg said during a visit to Turkey.

15:25 Iran prepares plan to settle Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict. Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman

15:15 Armenia submits significant volume of evidence on Azerbaijan’s gross violations to ECHR

14:05 Armenians will stop Baku’s every attempt to conduct ethnic cleansing: President Sarkissian tells Caixin Media

13:15 The President of Artsakh has been on the front line again since early morning. Spokesman of the President of Artsakh

13:00 RA Ombudsman released a video on the destruction of Artsakh capital: Clear terror-inspiring policy!

12:45 Statement of the Artsakh MFA on the need to recognize Artsakh independence was disseminated in OSCE

11:20 The US must explain whether these F-16s were given to bomb civilians. Pashinyan's interview with The New York Times

11:05 The Shelling of Azerbaijani Targets from Some Regions of Armenia is Misinformation. Defense Ministry Representative

10:40 The enemy resumed offensive operations in the southern direction of the Artsakh front

10:35 The adversary has again attacked the cities Stepanakert and Shushi. The Defense Army response will be shortly. However, in contrast to the Baku terrorist leadership, we are targeting not the civilian population but military objects deployed in big cities. We again call the peaceful residents of these cities to leave their settlements immediately to avoid possible casualties. Press secretary of the President of Artsakh

10:15 At the moment, the enemy is firing rockets at Stepanakert with great intensity. Spokesperson of MOD of Armenia

10:05 Arab League chief condemns Turkey over its role in increased tension in Caucasus

09:20 The enemy is preparing offensive actions․ Defense Army

08:20 Fighting continued during the night․ Defense Ministry spokesperson

08:10 What a civilized behavior of the "Armenian" missile․ The Human Rights Defender responded to Hajiyev's statement

01:45 Statement by the RA MFA on disinformation of the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan

00։30 All this shows the Azerbaijani terror-inspiring policy against the Armenian population. Human Rights Defender of Armenia

00:00 The Azerbaijani side, with no single piece of evidence, now declares that the Armed Forces of Armenia have allegedly targeted Khizi and Absheron regions. This is another lie that explicitly proves Azerbaijan is preparing ground for provocation. MOD Spokesperson

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