Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 21.10.2020

21 October, 2020

22:15 Armed Forces stopped the enemy's attempts to advance. MOD representative Hovhannisyan

21:45 Armenia has been and is ready for a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. PM Speaker

20:50 Third countries must stay away from the conflict. Pompeo

20:40 If Azerbaijan continues to use military force, the international community will have no choice but to recognize Artsakh's independence. US Senator

20:30 Conversation of a Syrian mercenary fighting against Artsakh, with a friend in Turkey. New recording

20:15 If NATO member Turkey stopes to be a party to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, it will be possible to reach a ceasefire stated President Sarkissian during meeting with NATO SG Stoltenberg

20:05 NATO Secretary General underlines importance of observing ceasefire in NK conflict zone. Any targeting of the civilian population must be stopped.

19:25 At this stage the NK conflict has no diplomatic solution due to Azerbaijan’s behavior. PM Pashinyan’s spokesperson

19:00 The Armenian President Armen Sarkissian met with the European Council President Charles Michel in Brussels. Violence in Nagorno Karabakh must be stopped, stated Charles Michel.

18:55 Fighting continues in the southern direction. Representative of the RA Ministry of Defense

18:55 A ceasefire is an absolute necessity, and Turkey must get out of this conflict, President Sarkissian told Charles Michel

18:50 Czech DANA artillery systems are used against the Artsakh army․ Defense Army

18:20 Artsakh ombudsman publishes special report on Azeri attacks on Ghazanchetsots Church in Shushi

17:20 The Armenian government has banned the import of goods of Turkish origin

17:15 Menua Hovhannisyan was awarded the title of "Hero of Artsakh" by the President of the Artsakh Republic Arayik Harutyunyan

16:30 Ministry of Nature Protection warns of danger of humanitarian-environmental catastrophe due to aggression against Artsakh

16:25 We have said many times that we are ready to resolve the issue through compromise. Compromise means that we can reduce something from the bar we set, from our national bar, for the sake of a solution, provided that the other side also has to lower something from its maximum bar. However, the practice has shown that what is acceptable for the Armenian side in this logic is no longer acceptable for Azerbaijan", said the Prime Minister, emphasizing: "Azerbaijan no longer agrees with what we agree or will agree, which means that at this stage it is at least pointless to talk about any diplomatic solution". 

16:15 Russia has done its best so far. Pashinyan praised the Armenian-Russian cooperation during the war

15:55 Meeting of Foreign Minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan with Foreign Minister of Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov

15:30 The former presidents of Armenia and Artsakh met

15:15 Russian FM holds meetings with Armenian and Azerbaijani counterparts

14:40 The war unleashed by Azerbaijan is a threat to the entire region. Armenian Prime Minister’s Interview to IRNA

14:00 We share the outrage of the people but our mandate is limited to the boundaries of Armenia. UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia Shombi Sharp Sharp

13:40 Russia welcomes readiness of Pashinyan and Aliyev for Karabakh summit in Moscow

13:35 Azerbaijani FM departs for Moscow

11:05 Battles of local significance are taking place in the northern and southern directions of the front line. Defense Army

10:10 At dawn, Martakert, with its adjoining villages, was again targeted by the enemy

10:05 The situation is relatively stable and tense. Defense Ministry spokesperson

02:05 Armenia FM Mnatsakanyan is in Moscow on a brief visit.

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