Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 20.10.2020

20 October, 2020

22:20 Azerbaijani army replicates terrorist-style tactics, MoD of Armenia representative

22:15 Fightings at the moment continue not so intensely as in the daytime․ Battles are active in the south, Armenian side made some progress today. Armenia MOD representative  Hovhannisyan

21:05 Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan underlines that the European Court of Human Rights has confirmed Azerbaijan is governed by racist regime that glorifies ethnic violence against Armenians and implants ethnic hatred into society. “Forcing Armenians of Artsakh to live under Azerbaijani rule violates international law’’, he wrote on Twitter, calling on the international community to recognize Artsakh’s independence.

20:00 Putin and Macron discussed the Nagorno Karabakh issue

19:05 The RA MoD denies Azerbaijan's statements to strike the Geranboy and Terter regions

16:30 Azerbaijan is using banned weapons against the civilian population of Artsakh

15:50 PM Pashinyan announces bestowing National Hero title upon two active duty Armenian generals

15:30 The enemy retreats in the southern direction, Khudaferin Reservoir, suffering heavy losses. We warned about entering hell. MoD speaker Stepanyan.

15:15 The heaviest battles are taking place in the territories of Ishkhanadzor, Kovsakan and Mijnavan. Artsakh President

15:10 Defense Army shot down about a dozen "Bayraktar" Turkish drones. Pashinyan

15:00 The remote control camera of Bayraktar TB2, destroyed yesterday, is made in Canada. DM speaker Stepanyan

14:40 Defense Army announces the death of another 43 servicemen. More than 750 people were killed.

14:30 Armenia won’t hesitate to initiate CSTO if necessary, Deputy FM Kocharyan stated.

14:00 The only issue on the Co-Chairs' agenda is the implementation of the ceasefire. Deputy FM Kocharyan

13:55 The RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan met with the former Presidents of the Artsakh Republic Arkady Ghukasyan and Bako Sahakyan.

13:35 Azerbaijani losses. Update

13:30 Ombudsman Tatoyan considers Azeri atrocities consequence of international structures’ denial to visit Artsakh

13:15 I am grateful to Canada for the decision to stop providing military equipment to Turkey. RA President

12:50 After soldier's decapitation in Karabakh by Azeri army, Iran decries “Takfiri” style beheading

12:25 EU Ambassador to Armenia assured - Europe knows that Azerbaijan started the war at the hands of Turkey

11:10 A resolution recognizing Nagorno Karabakh has been submitted to the French Senate

10:30 In the northern wing the enemy uses aircraft and artillery. Defense Ministry spokesperson

09:15 The UN Security Council discussed the issue of monitoring the ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh 

08:00 Artsakh’s armed forces in fierce clashes in Ishkhanadzor, stated Spokesperson of Artsakh’s President

00:25 International organizations should document all violations physically being in Artsakh, stated Ombudsman of Armenia.

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