Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 17.10.2020

17 October, 2020

23:55 Artsakh ready to provide humanitarian corridor to besieged Azeri troops if ceasefire is observed

23:30 Macron salutes agreement on humanitarian ceasefire between Armenia, Azerbaijan

22:50 MFA of Artsakh Republic welcomes efforts of OSCE MG Co-Chairs and Armenia to ceasefire

22:30 Statement by the MFA of Armenia on the establishment of humanitarian truce

22:25 Lavrov had a telephone conversations with the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan

20:45 Azerbaijan presents strikes against hospital as destruction of ammunition depots

20:25 36 civilians killed, 115 wounded, about 7800 real estate damaged․ Artsakh Ombudsman presented updated info

20:00 Triple alliance of Turkey, Azerbaijan and international terrorists refuses to stop the bloodshed. Artsakh FM

19:15 International community should use its toolkit to stop aggression against Artsakh’s people, MFA of Artsakh

18:40 UNICEF reaffirms need to end hostilities for the benefit of every child

18:05 MES measures in Syunik, in the areas affected by Azerbaijani drones. photos

15:55 Aftermaths of the night shelling in Stepanakert

13:10 Azerbaijan smuggles armaments, mercenaries from Bagram Airfield on board covert flights – NSS intel

11:40 "Apartments in ruins" - 3 civilians wounded in latest Azeri bombardment of Stepanakert City

10:50 The Defense Army presented the legitimate military targets located in Ganja

10:25 Azerbaijan rejects Russia's initiative. Speaker of the Prime Minister

10:20 The enemy again fired rockets at the peaceful settlements of Artsakh at night. Video

08:35 At dawn the enemy forces resumed rocket attacks in the direction of peaceful settlements. Artsakh Ministry of Defense

08:10 Yesterday Shushi and Stepanakert were hit with more powerful means. The representative of the RA Ministry of Defense Artsrun Hovhannisyan wrote.

01:30 No strikes have been carried out against Azerbaijan from the territory of Armenia. MoD

01:10 Statement by the MFA of Armenia on targeting of the territory of Armenia by Azerbaijan

00:50 By targeting the village of Shosh, the enemy once again proved its inhuman nature

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