Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 15.10.2020

15 October, 2020

23:15 General of Libyan National Army confirms Turkey sends terrorists to Azerbaijan  

23:00 Luxembourg parliament unanimously adopted a resolution condemning Azerbaijan's aggressive military actions.

22:40 Organization of American States highlights principle of self-determination of Artsakh

22:10 Situation on the front line remains tense, with some drop of intensity at night hours, MoD of Armenia representative.

22:00 US Secretary of State hopes Armenians will defend themselves from Azeri actions and peace process will be restored

21:30 Pashinyan says right to self-determination of people of Nagorno Karabakh unbreakable red line

20:55 The experts of the Human Rights Defender's Office of Armenia accurately located the place and time of the shooting of the Armenian prisoners of war

20:50 Humiliating and killing Armenian prisoners of war is a crime. The Artsakh Ombudsman presents facts

20:45 The only country that does not call for respecting the ceasefire is Turkey. French Foreign Minister

20:15 Azerbaijan bombs Artsakh with ‘’Smerch’’ cluster warhead, killing a civilian

20:10 President of European Parliament says Turkey’s rhetoric grows more and more belligerent

20:00 Russian, Turkish FMs underline absence of alternative to peaceful settlement of NK conflict

19:10 One person was wounded in the bombing in Shahumyan region. Artsakh Ombudsman

18:20 More than 24 thousand children in Artsakh do not attend school. The aftermath of the war unleashed by Azerbaijan

17:30 The enemy continues to target the settlements of Artsakh. report from Martakert

17:20 Statement of the Artsakh Foreign Ministry on the resolution adopted by the Austrian Parliament

17:05 Deployment of peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh is possible only by consent of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Peskov

16:50 Stepanakert is being shelled again

16:45 The issue of peacekeeping in that region [Nagorno Karabakh] is being actively discussed, the CSTO chief said

16:00 It’s imperative to enable ICRC to conduct its humanitarian mission on all sides, Armenia Ombudsman

15:05 There are hard and persistent battles in the south. MoD representative Hovhannisyan

13:35 Turkey refuses to provide its airspace for transportation of humanitarian cargo to Armenia

13:10 More than 100 US congressmen demanded an end to Azerbaijan's aggression

11:10 At the moment hot battles are taking place in the same directions. MoD representative Hovhannisyan

08:45 In the morning, the enemy resumed active artillery fire. MoD spokesperson Stepanyan

01:15 This is what official Baku diligently denied. Stepanyan published videos from the targeted hospital

01:05 The criminal actions of the Azerbaijani-Turkish side must be severely condemned. MFA of the Republic of Artsakh

00:05 Relatives of mercenaries sent to Azerbaijan by Turkey provide details - The Washington Post

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