Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 11.10.2020

11 October, 2020

23:30 Even during the ceasefire, Azerbaijan targeted an ambulance transporting the wounded. Minister of Health Torosyan's letter to the WTO Director General

23:10 EU urges to strictly respect ceasefire agreement

22:20 The Azerbaijani armed forces violated the terms of the ceasefire not allowing the exchange of corpses and prisoners. MoD representative Hovhannisyan

21:55 Armenian FM will meet Lavrov, OSCE MG Co-chairs in Moscow

21:50 Prime Minister Pashinyan had a telephone conversation with Angela Merkel

21:30 Armenian MFA strongly condemns Turkey’s provocative policy in the region

21:25 Azerbaijani armed forces shot dead 4 civilians in Artsakh, Hadrut

20:55 Artsakh’s people facing humanitarian disaster  due to prohibited weapons used by Azerbaijan. There is also evidence of encroachments on the bodies of Defense Army soldiers in Azerbaijan. Artsakh ombudsman

20:50  The statements of Azerbaijan that the Armenian Armed Forces fired at the ambulance collecting bodies are baseless. Ministry of Defence

19:00 A civilian dies in Artsakh as a result of Azerbaijani night bombing in Martuni

18:55 Defense Army resolutely suppress all enemy operations. DM Speaker

18:45 The stability of Armenia and Azerbaijan is one of the priorities of Russia. Maria Zakharova

18:40 The conditions for observing the humanitarian ceasefire are not enough to start operations․ International Committee of the Red Cross

18:35 In the north-eastern direction the Defense Army units stopped the enemy's attempt to attack

18:10 The RA Ombudsman has published a report on the atrocities committed by Azerbaijan against the population of Artsakh

17:30 Sergey Lavrov and Mevlut Cavusoglu had a telephone conversation

17:25 European Council President calls on NK conflicting parties to observe truce

17:00 The Pope prays for peace in Karabakh

15:00 The aftermath of the shelling in Stepanakert tonight. Video

14:35 The National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh calls on the Russian and Iranian authorities to establish a joint anti-terrorist center

14:15 On October 10, 11, Azerbaijan continued to fire rockets at peaceful settlements in Artsakh. DA

13:20 Only the international recognition of Artsakh's independence will guarantee peace and security. Artsakh Foreign Ministry

13:05 The fires in Martakert and Martuni were extinguished. Artsakh SES

12:30 Defense Army reported the death of another 25 servicemen, there are 430 killed Armenian servicemen as result of Azernaijani aggression.

12:15 The military losses of Azerbaijan are summarized in the presented infographic.Killed military personnel is 4719.

11:55 Turkish air force again leads operations of the Azerbaijani air force. Details coming soon. MOD representative Hovhanisyan

11:15 Turkey,Azerbaijan are trying to create new international terrorist arena, warns Artsakh president

10:50 Striking drones are being brought to Azerbaijan from Turkey and Israel. MOD representative Hovhannisyan

10:30 The goal of the subversive group was to capture Hadrut. Artsakh President

10:15 If Azerbaijan does not go peaceful way in the coming days, I will apply to Armenia and other countries to recognize Artsakh's independence. Harutyunyan

08:10 Defense Army units did not target Ganja. The Defense Army denies the false information of the Azerbaijani side

01:50 The Human Rights Defender of Artskah has published the second interim report on the atrocities committed by Azerbaijan against the people of Artsakh

00:40 Martuni, Shushi, and other communities of Artsakh are being shelled at this moment. Artsakh President Spokesman Poghosyan

00:30 Ceasefire announced in a joint statement of 9 October in Moscow must be respected and implemented. Azerbaijan continued attacking Nagorno Karabakh after 12pm today, violating their commitment. Stepanakert is bombed right now. This is heinous aggression, the RA Foreign Minister wrote on Twitter.

00:05 Another proof that Syrian militants are fighting against Armenians in Artsakh․ Video

00:00 Is launching two missiles on Stepanakert aimed at maintaining a humanitarian ceasefire?. Artsakh ombudsman

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