Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 07.10.2020

07 October, 2020

23:00 Shoygu discussed the current situation in Karabakh with the Defense Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan

22:20 Yesterday’s and today’s battles were a turning point and they can bring everything to its logical end․ Representative of the Ministry of Defense

22:15 Our allies are not on the battlefield because we do not need it. Artsrun Hovhannisyan

22:00 I hope that Russia's efforts will allow stopping the bloodshed in the conflict zone․ President Sarkissian

21:50 Azerbaijani army targets another city of Artsakh-Hadrout

21:45 At this moment, the real basis for the final victory of the Karabakh army is being laid. Nagorno Karabakh will never be part of Azerbaijan, this is proved by Azerbaijan’s actions. Nikol Pashinyan

20:20 Stepanakert and Shushi are being targeted again. Understand, civilians are not to blame for the disgrace of your fleeing army, wrote Artsrun Hovhannisyan, a representative of the RA Ministry of Defense

20:05 Armenian FM to pay official visit to Russia

20:00 French FM confirms Turkey’s military intervention in NK conflict

19:55 The Azerbaijani Foreign Minister will meet with the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs in Geneva

19:35 Artsakh’s troops save 19 soldiers, liberate earlier lost position

19:30 The information spread in the media that tomorrow, on October 8, there will be a meeting between the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan does not correspond to reality. No such meeting is scheduled. Armenian MFA spokesperson. 

19:25 Armenian MoD reveals ridiculous fake of Azerbaijani propaganda machine

19:20 The Uruguayan Senate has condemned the participation of Turkish mercenaries in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict

19:00 House of Representatives of Netherlands adopts resolution over terrorists sent by Turkey

18:50 Karabakh is fighting against international terrorism which changes a lot in the context of the issue. Pashinyan

18:20 A proof that the Turkish authorities are trying to turn the region into a terrorist den․ Poghosyan

18:15 International media inform about launch of negotiations over NK conflict

16:05 Our freedom and independence can’t be bargained, said Artsakh president amid fierce fighting

15:00 MEPs demanded to call Turkey to account

14:55 Interim measure decision states the fact of Turkey’s involvement – ECHR Rep.

14:45 The conflict with Azerbaijan turns into a "fight against international terrorism." RA Prime Minister interview to Sky news

14:25 Terrorism cannot appear within our borders. President of Iran Rouhani

13:25 Russia is ready to fulfill its allied obligations to Armenia.  Putin

12:55 Putin sees need for ceasefire in NK conflict zone as quickly as possible

12:50 Turkey's actions are aimed at restoring the Ottoman Empire. PM to TIME magazine

12:25 Three brigades were defeated with almost all their offensive potential, armored vehicles and personnel. Unfortunately, Stepanakert is being shelled at the moment, civilians are being hit by combat drones and missiles. Armenia MOD representative.

12:20 If the Caucasus becomes a place like Syria, then God help everybody: Europe, Central Asia, everybody

12:00 Greece recalls its Ambassador from Azerbaijan

11:55 “Nearly dismantled” Azeri units plunge into out-of-control friendly fire and panic, said Artsakh President Spokesman

11:45 Statement by the Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy - The resumption of hostilities in relation to Nagorno-Karabakh.EU calls on to resume NK negotiations without preconditions

11:20 Mercenaries from Azerbaijan, including those related to ISIS, are involved in attacks against Armenian population. Ombudsman

10:50 UAVs are flying in the sky of Stepanakert

10:45 Artsakh Defense Army reports 40 more KIAs, the total death toll in the Artsakh Defense Army has reached 280.

09:20 Defense Army fighters neutralized all attempts of Azerbaijani armed forces to advance

09:15 Armenia MOD: Azerbaijan army units accumulating along Karabakh-Iran border

08:45 Armenia MOD representative: Stepanakert, other settlements of Artsakh being targeted again

01:00 Baku aims at justifying its continuous shelling of peaceful settlements with another lie. Armenia MFA spokesperson

00:00 Azerbaijan with the help of terrorists is attacking Nagorno-Karabakh. PM Pashinyan interview to BBC

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