Military aggression of Azerbaijan․ Chronicle of developments 02.10.2020

02 October, 2020

23:45 The NKR Foreign Ministry issued a statement referring to the joint call of the leaders of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries.

23:15 Participation of the external parties in the violence undermines efforts to achieve lasting peace. Co-Chairs

22:00 The Prime Minister had a telephone conversation with Emanuel Macron

20:10 Azerbaijan hit Stepanakert again with 3 heavy missiles. There are casualties. Artsakh Ombudsman

18:45 Pashinyan and Putin had a telephone conversation

17:45 Journalists targeted again in Artsakh. There are no wounded. Hovhannes Movsisyan

17:10 Failing to achieve success in the battlefield, Azerbaijan resorted to atrocities against the civilians. MFA

13:50 There is a lot of damage to civil infrastructure in Stepanakert, injured. There are 10 wounded in the Artsakh Rescue Service as a result of the rocket attack on Stepanakert.

13:40 Canada needs to pick a side as Nagorno-Karabakh tensions rise, Armenian PM says

12:15 Armenian and French Ministers stressed the inadmissibility of the direct involvement of foreign terrorist in the conflict

12:00 Azerbaijan just hit the town of Hadrut in Artsakh with a Smerch rocket launcher. Civilian population is wounded, Hovhannisyan stated.

10:30 The Deputy Commander of the Defense Army of the Republic of Artsakh Arthur Sargsyan touched upon the issue of exchanging deaths in the border zone, emphasizing that there should be at least a temporary ceasefire for the exchange. He also stated that the killed Azerbaijani officer had an Israeli radio station. Arabic instructions were heard from the radio station taken from the enemy.

10:20 Macron called NATO to observe steps of Turkey

08:50 Fighting has resumed in all directions of the front line․ Defense Army

08:00 The losses of Azerbaijan as of 08:00, 02.10.2020: Drone - 107, Helicopter -10, Armored vehicle - 205, Plane - 5, Smerch - 1, Human casualties - 1750. The Armenian side has plus 54 losses of military personnel.

07:55 Air defense units of the Armenian forces shot down one enemy aircraft and one drone in the north-eastern direction of Artsakh.Fighting continues along the Artsakh border. The attempts of the enemy to break through the defense of our troops in separate parts failed․

07:30 Pompeo: US discourages internationalization of Karabakh conflict

07:00 EU calls for end to fighting in Karabakh as tensions rise over Turkey's involvement

06:00 I can confirm that according to our data, 300 terrorists have left Syria to arrive in Baku via Ayntap.These militants have been identified as a jihadist group operating in Aleppo.

01:40 Prime Minister Pashinyan had a telephone conversation with the US Presidential Adviser Robert O'Brien

01:30 Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Artsakh on the Involvement by Azerbaijan and Turkey of Foreign Fighters and Mercenaries in the Aggression Against Artsakh.

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