Doing business in Armenia

Investment Policy

The main objectives of the state policy in the investment area in Armenia are the following: improvement of investment environment, improvement of legal framework and promotion of investments in the economy of the Republic of Armenia, including foreign direct investments (hereinafter FDI).

The main goal of Armenia's investment policy is to create a favorable investment and business environment, increase transparency of regulatory environment, reveal the country's competitive advantages, increase investment sizes, develop market infrastructure, create high-quality and high-paid jobs, develop human capital and, based on all these, provide sustainable economic growth and population welfare, which is in line with the priorities of Armenia Development Strategy 2014-2025. 

The Government of the Republic of Armenia will follow the principles of “Open Doors” policy, liberalization of investment activities, reservation of national and most favorable treatment of foreign investors, proper protection of investors and other advanced international practices.

The main legal act that regulates the investment sector in Armenia is the Law “On Foreign Investments”, adopted in 1994.


Source: Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, Investment Policy

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