Neighbouring Countries Department

head of Grigor Arakelyan
Tel. +374 60 620 621   E-mail

The Department for Neighboring Countries comprises Georgia, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan Divisions and the Division on Delimitation Issues.

Georgia and Iran Divisions are responsible for the development and execution of the bilateral relations between the Republic of Armenia and the countries mentioned above.

The scope of responsibilities envisages the implementation of the RA policy toward these countries, establishment of priorities, promotion of political dialogue, creation of conducive conditions for the implementation and development of legal and trade-economic relations, as well as scientific and cultural projects.

Toward that end, the Divisions participate in the organization and implementation of high-level reciprocal visits, consultations between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, take part in the preparatory works and organizational processes for the sessions of the intergovernmental commissions.

The Divisions devise and prepare reports and analyses on priority issues, maintain working ties with the RA Embassies in Georgia and Iran, as well as with the Embassies of Georgia and Iran in Yerevan.

Turkey and Azerbaijan Divisions closely follow the developments and events which take place in and around these countries and which reflect on the interests of Armenia.

The Division on Delimitation Issues coordinates the works related to the elaboration, consideration, and presentation of delimitation issues with the states bordering Armenia. At this point delimitation works are being conducted with Georgia.

Georgia Division
Head: Maria Babayan
Tel. +374 60 620 604   E-mail

Iran Division
Tel. +374 60 620 610   E-mail

Turkey Division
Tel. +374 60 620 608   E-mail

Azerbaijani Division

Group On Delimitation Issues
Tel. +374 60 620 634   E-mail

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