Arms Control and International Security Department

Head: Armen Yedigaryan
Tel. +374 60 620 501   E-mail

The Arms Control and International Security Department consists of four divisions: The Military-Political Division, The Conventional Arms Control Division, The NATO Division, The Global Security and Non - Conventional issues Division.

The Division of the Political-military cooperation coordinates the interagency agreement procedures of draft documents on establishment or development of bilateral cooperation in the military, military-technical and defense spheres between Armenia and other states as well as assists in the implementation of the already existing bilateral agreements in that field.

The Political-military Division also coordinates the participation of the relevant specialists from different agencies in International Security related educational courses.

The Division coordinates cooperation between the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and relevant governmental agencies, in particular, arranging for participation of the peacekeeping unit of the Republic of Armenia in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) /In result of the cooperation between Armenia, UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) and Italy, the first Armenian peacekeeping unit departed for deployment on November 26, 2014/.

The division of political-military cooperation also assists the involvement of Armenia in the USA “Global Peacekeeping Operations Initiative” program, which has the goal to develop peacekeeping capabilities of the United States partner countries.

The Conventional Arms Control Division deals with the implementation of International Agreements, Conventions and other relevant documents within the United Nations and OSCE, which include conventional arms control, disarmament and weapons reduction, verification and inspections, as well as other disarmament agenda items, such as anti-personnel landmines, cluster munitions, certain conventional weapons, etc. The main purpose of the mentioned activities is strengthening of regional and global security and confidence building. It also supervises the implementation of the different decisions coming out the UN SC and General Assembly, OSCE Conflict Prevention Center or Forum for the Security Co-operation.
The NATO division exercises the general control over the process of the Armenia-NATO cooperation programs implementation, arranges visits of the NATO high ranking officials and working groups to Armenia, as well as arranges and coordinates visits of the Armenian high-ranking officials and working groups to the NATO Headquarters. Furthermore, The Division organizes the Armenia-NATO intergovernmental commission’s sessions and carries out the decisions made during those sessions, cooperates with the NATO Liaison Officer in the South Caucasus, supports his/her activities in Armenia. The NATO Division is also the National ePRIME (Partnership Real-Time Information Management and Exchange System) coordinator.

The Global Security and Non-Conventional issues Division deals with the nuclear security issues, exercises control over the fulfillment of the Armenian commitments in Non-Proliferation Regimes. The Division also coordinates the export control field, the cooperation between Armenia and the International Atomic Energy Agency /IAEA/, arranges participation of the Armenian official delegations in the IAEA Annual Conferences.

OSCE and Conventional Arms Control Division
Head: Vahe Gevorgyan
Tel. +374 60 620 525   E-mail

Global Security And Non-Conventional Issues Division
Head: Ara Mkrtchyan
Tel. +374 60 620 636   E-mail

NATO Division
Head: Karen Israyelyan
Tel. +374 60 620 607   E-mail

Military-Political Cooperation Division
Tel. +374 60 620 662   E-mail

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