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Remarks by FM Edward Nalbandian at the solemn opening ceremony of Geothe Center in Yerevan


Dear Professor Lehmann,

Dear Minister Mkrtchyan,

Dear Ambassador Kiesler,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am glad that the opening of the Goethe Center in Yerevan is announced today, as yet another vivid proof of the strong friendly ties, as well as scientific-educational and cultural cooperation between our two peoples.

Goethe considered the Mount Ararat as one of the cradles of humanity and it is symbolic that today a cultural center, named after Goethe, opens at the foot of Mount Ararat.

I am convinced that the opening of this Center will greatly enrich the activities of international scientific and cultural centers in Yerevan.

The opening of the Center also creates wider opportunities for raising the awareness about Germany in our country, spreading the German language and culture, promoting educational exchanges and deepening intercultural dialogue. This Center is a basis for establishing the full-fledged Goethe Institute in the future. I am hopeful that through the joint efforts we will also take this important step in the nearest future.

The Goethe Institute of Germany proves that culture does not recognize borders. There are 159 Goethe Institutes in 98 countries of the world; there are centers on almost all continents, from North America to Australia.

Dear Mr. Lehmann, we can note with satisfaction that the roadmap, discussed at our meeting during your previous visit, is being implemented. I believe that in the same spirit we will carry out also future joint initiatives.

I wish all the success and productive work to the management of the Goethe Center in Yerevan.

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