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Discussion on 100th anniversary the Armenian Genocide in Prague


On April 9, a discussion, entitled “Armenian Genocide during the First World War” was organized in Prague on the initiative of the Library after first President of the Czech Republic Václav Havel and Czech historian, journalist Marketa Pavkova, in cooperation with the Embassy of Armenia in the Czech Republic.

Czech Specialist in Armenian Studies, lecturer at Charles University in Prague, official at Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic Milada Kiliánová, lecturer at Protestant Theological Faculty, Charles University in Prague, Head of the Research Center for Archeology of Evil Simon Krbec and Czech Armenian Specialist in Armenian Studies, lecturer at Charles University in Prague, orchestra and choir conductor Haig Utidjian participated in the discussion. Prominent historian Petr Shulz chaired the discussion. Czech politicians, public figures and academicians, representatives of Armenian and Turkish communities of the Czech Republic, diplomats and journalist took part at the event.

Speakers thoroughly discussed preplanning and history of perpetration of the Armenian Genocide, its causes, reflected on denial policy pursued by Turkey till today.

In her remarks, Milada Kiliánová presented chronology of the Armenian Genocide and the details, stressing that modern Turkey is obliged to accept harsh reality of its own history and condemn crimes by predecessors. Simon Krbec reflected on legal and historical aspects of the Armenian Genocide, making comparative analysis with other acts of genocide. Haig Utidjian mentioned that the Armenian Genocide is not an inter-religious conflict, but the result of the Turkish nationalism. He highlighted that the process of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide is not directed against the Turkish people, but towards restoration of the historical justice and prevention of possible acts of genocide of future.

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