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Press Releases


Official visit of Edward Nalbandian to Georgia

The sides discussed a wide range of issues on the Armenian-Georgian bilateral agenda. They outlined the importance of solid legal framework composed of more than 80 agreements, which serves as a basis for the development of cooperation in different spheres. The Ministers commended the continuance of intensive mutual visits and efficient cooperation between the Ministries of the two countries. more ...


Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian’s meeting with the Prime Minister of Georgia

Interlocuteurs discussed in a detail manner numerous issues of the Armenian-Georgian cooperation agenda, namely the realization of agreements reached on high level, economic and trade cooperation, diversification of transport roots, cooperation in energy sector, promotion of cultural exchanges, development of tourism. In this regard, the importance of activation of the Armenian-Georgian inter-governmental committee was stressed. more ...


Foreign Minister of Armenia had a meeting with the President of Georgia

During the meeting the interlocutors discussed issues related to the expansion of Armenian-Georgian cooperation, exchanged views on the possibilities of regional cooperation. more ...

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