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Edward Nalbandian received Ambassadors accredited in Armenia


On April 21, Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian held a meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Armenia.

Edward Nalbandian noted: “As Ambassadors accredited here, you are aware that for more than a week manifestations and rallies are taking place. You are well aware that holding of peaceful assembly is not only guaranteed by the law, but also is being properly ensured.

It is clear that the actions of law-enforcement agencies have not only been proportionate, but also, in many cases, more than restrained. The professional, proportionate and in line with the international standards actions of the law-enforcement bodies for the sake of maintaining public order should also be credited to the years-long cooperation with the OSCE, other institutions and partner countries.”

Edward Nalbandian stressed that as indicated in numerous statements of the police, the organizers of manifestations and rallies conducted numerous violations of law and first and foremost violated the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Freedom of Assembly, which led to anarchic manifestations and endangering public order, security and rights of citizens. The Foreign Minister emphasized that citizens’ freedom of movement was hindered, attempts were made to forcefully enter the educational, government and other institutions, thus disrupting their activities, damaging private and public property, ect.

Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian draw the Ambassadors’ attention to today’s statement of Serzh Sargsyan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia, which contains call for a political dialogue.

Vardan Poghosyan, leader of the expert team on legal reforms in Armenia, was also invited to the meeting and presented the provisions of the Law on Freedom of Assembly underscoring the violations made by the organizers of marches and protests and the resulting dangers of disturbing the public order.

Responding to the remarks of Edward Nalbandian, the heads of several diplomatic representations emphasized that they agree with the Minister with regards the steps taken by the authorities towards ensuring the freedom of assembly in a proper way, as well as the professional and balanced actions of the law enforcement bodies, highlighting the importance of preserving the peaceful nature of protests and of political dialogue.

Foreign Minister answered the numerous questions of Ambassadors, there has been an exchange of thoughts.

Concluding the meeting Edward Nalbandian reaffirmed that respect for fundamental freedoms, strengthening democratic institutions, freedom of speech and assembly are among the valuable and irreversible achievements of Armenia.


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