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The answer of Edward Nalbandian, the Foreign Minister of Armenia, to the question of “Arminfo” news agency


Question: President of Azerbaijan claims that there is no progress in negotiation process over the Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement because Armenia does not want peace. He tries to present Azerbaijan in a more favourable light by comparing it with Armenia. What would you say in this regard?

Edward Nalbandian: Striving for peace first and foremost means to propagate peace, not war.

The side that supports peace does not make sabotage infiltration attempts, does not flagrantly violate the international humanitarian law, does not permanently break the ceasefire regime and refuse to create a mechanism for investigation of ceasefire violations. It is only Baku that perceives peace in this way, as it is evident from their statements.

It is well known what troubles were caused to their own people by the leaders, who have neglected the international law and supported military solutions.

As for comparisons, it is not the first time that Baku cherishes the idea that Armenia and Azerbaijan could not compete, therefore Armenia should make unilateral concessions. Azerbaijan believes that money can buy a reputation, buy friends, procure some dubious resolutions and present all these to your domestic audience as an achievement and evidence of prestige.

Of course, Armenia and Azerbaijan cannot compete in terms of democracy, tolerance, human rights, economic freedoms, freedom of the press and speech and other fundamental freedoms. In recent years we have witnessed what happened to no less rich and complacent authoritarian regimes. The logic and direction of the development of the two states and societies are inversely proportional.

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