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Interviews, articles and comments


Interview of Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, to the "Off the Agenda" programme. Part 1

The diplomacy, of course, should yield results. The important thing here is not delivering speeches, but doing the job. But the diplomacy should be conducted in such a way that the public opinion comprehends what is done. If there is no understanding from the public opinion, it will not lead to anything good. Because diplomatic steps of any country, if they do not enjoy the support from the public opinion, are difficult to fulfill. But with regards to our steps towards the normalisation of the Armenian-Turkish relations, I can say even today that it was a wise initiative by the President of the Republic of Armenia. Today we have proved that Armenia has remained on its height, on the same side with the international community, while Turkey is on the other side with the ball in its own gate. more ...


Interview of Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, to the "Off the Agenda" programme. Part 2

2018 is going to be a year of symbolic dates: the 30th anniversary of the Artsakh Movement, the Centennial of the First Republic, the 2800th anniversary of our capital. These symbolic dates, in their historical sense, seem so distant from each other, so different, but they have many similarities. The most important similarity is that these jubilees will once again demonstrate the aspiration of the Armenian people for freedom, the aspiration to live and create. more ...


Interview of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian to Greek newspaper ETHNOS

Armenia and Greece, our brotherly peoples are bound by the centuries old cordial relations, traditionally deep mutual sympathy, reciprocal support and solidarity. more ...


Statement by Edward Nalbandian on the occasion of the International Day of Commemoration and Dignity of the Victims of the Crime of Genocide and of the Prevention of this Crime

As a people that passed through the horrors of Genocide, Armenians feel moral obligation to contribute to the international efforts for prevention of genocides, crimes against humanity. more ...


Comment by Edward Nalbandian, Foreign Minister of Armenia on the Status of Jerusalem

The status of Jerusalem is one of the most important issues on the international agenda and it could be solved through the negotiations within the context of the acceptable solution for the parties to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This can pave the way for the establishment of a lasting peace and security. more ...


Statement by Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian on the occasion of signing Armenia-EU Agreement

The agreement establishes a solid legal basis for strengthening the political dialogue, broadening the scope of economic and sectoral cooperation, creating a framework for new opportunities in trade and investments, and for increased mobility for the benefit of our citizens. more ...


Interview of Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian to Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation

It was a new opportunity to be here on the invitation of the Prime-Minister and Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was a short visit but very intensive one. I had meetings with the Prime-Minister Netanyahu, with Minister for Regional Cooperation Hanegbi, with Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Elkin, with Chairman of your Parliament Mr. Edelstein and also with the Vice-Chairman of Parliament, Tali Ploskov, who is also Chair of the Armenia-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group. more ...


Answers by Edward Nalbandian, Foreign Minister of Armenia, to the questions of "Voice of America"

The core issue is the status of Artsakh. Once the issue of the status is settled, the rest of the issues will be resolved in a fair and logical manner, because all those issues are collateral. more ...


Responses of Edward Nalbandian during the Question and Answer session with the Government at the National Assembly

Probably, the political prisoners in Azerbaijan and those who are abroad today fleeing the persecution of the country's authorities will better know and answer the question about how can the Azeri authorities succeed in extorting such sort kind of regretful letters. more ...


Congratulations from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia to Charles Aznavour on receiving star on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”

On August 24, the star after world famous chansonnier Charles Aznavour was installed on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame.” On this occasion the American “Variety” magazine has dedicated a special section to Charles Aznavour and included the congratulatory messages addressed to the artist. The congratulatory message from Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, was also published, which, particularly, reads: more ...

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