Bilateral Relations

Republic of Korea

General information

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Korea were established on February 21, 1992.

Since March 2014 the Ambassador of RA in ROK is Grant Poghosyan /residence in Tokyo/.

Since March 2012 the Ambassador of ROK in RA is Wi Sung-Լac /residence in Moscow/.

Since February 2014 Honorary Consul of Armenia in Seoul is Kim Do Kyun.

In June 2002 Honorary Consulate of ROK in RA was opened.

Since July 2004 the Honorary Consul of the ROK in RA is Armen Abrahamyan.


To Korea

August 1994 Deputy Prime Minister of RA Vigen Chitechian
September 1999 Foreign Minister of RA Vardan Oskanian
December 2009 President of National Assembly of RA Hovik Abrahamyan
February 2012 Foreign Minister of RA Edward Nalbandian

 To Armenia

May 2012 Vice Speaker of the National Assembly of ROK Hong Jae Hyong

Signed documents  


  • Protocol օn the Establishment of Diplomatic relations between RA and ROK, signed in Moscow on February 21 1992.


  • On Consultations between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of ROK, signed in Yerevan on November 6, 2005.
  • On the Mutual Waiver of Visa Requirements for Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports between the Government of ROK and the Government of RA, signed in Seoul, February 23, 2012.

Bilateral trade between RA and ROK /in thousand US dollars/

  Export IMPORT
2009 6506.3 89095.5
2010 3899.8 72754.9
2011 14771.4 57569.0
2012  575.5 50498.6
2013 863.3 53848.6

Main imported goods

  • Automobiles and electronics

Main exported goods

  • Minerals, stone items, rubber


Updated May 2014

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